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Increase your restaurants reach!

We do the delivering, your create the amazing food!

You won't have to worry about deliveries again!


Some of the Benefits of joining us

Save Money

Save money on purchasing bikes and hiring your own delivery staff.

Instant Delivery Network

Get your delivery network up in no time.

Digital Menu

Your traditional menu would be accessible via our app.

Order Dashboard

You have complete & easy control on each & every order your receive via the Mealrides restaurant application.

Widen your Customer Base

Your customer base will grow along with our expansion of our delivery network, increasing your reach to more and more people.

Increased Sales

With an increased customer base, your sales may see an increase.

Pricing Details

Our All inclusive Pricing Plan that covers you well

How many Themes can you Download today?

  • Ultra Responsive Layouts
  • Retina Ready Designs
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • Support for Custom Fonts
  • Premium Sliders Included
  • Photoshop Source Files Included
  • 24x7 Priority Email Support
As Low as


Our All inclusive Pricing Plan that covers you well
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